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sunday 7 march 2010


JIMMY CROSSES THE CHANNEL  Spring 2010 Jimmy has gone off to his new home in France. Tobias Ward - Edwards, Brittany based guitarist, is the proud owner of the Hendrix portrait. And in return, the kids and I have a bolt hole in Brittany again!

I was privileged to hear Toby s  new track ‘Chaplin’ prior to release. Check out his music on iTunes, Amazon and www.genepool.co.uk


“ i said i woz soz”

Medium: Mixed Media 1000x500x300mm

Artist: Nick Viney. Medium: Mixed Media 1000x500x300. Title: “i said i woz soz”

A look at those crap gifts used to purchase your goodwill, appease the givers guilt, patch gaping holes and bury the truth


Beau Viney


Beau is to highlight my unease of the waste plastic packaging my household is left to deal with when we consume MILK such a basic and natural foodstuff. There has to be another way. The power of the super markets is disturbing.

In my opinion, how we’ve been conditioned to shop, our nations disconnection with agriculture and food production are all connected.

Street Chapel Mortenhampstead

Exhibition summer 2010

Sunday, 28 July 2019 - Exhibition summer 2010 Across street chapel Mortenhampstead my brand new series on Dartmoor Ponies and a few other colourful critters at Cross Street Chapel-arts and crafts Mortenhampstead

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The Ilsington Festival

Beaus world tour 2010

The Ilsington Festival is a local community event aimed at all ages.Based around the theme of sustainability, the festival utilises the arts (visual arts, live music, story telling, crafts, sculpture, drama etc.) to bring together the community and create an event that is beneficial to the community in several ways; supporting local schools, artists, musicians and companies and of course providing a local event for the local audience.

 Think Green! 



“I’m Really Proud That BEAU Has Been Selected For Trail 2010”

Trail starting July 18th-5th Sept. http://www.trail.org.uk/Dairy Crest Are Laughing Their Jug-it Campaign in the same area throughout July, so we are hoping for some great packing awareness publicity.

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Duchy square centre for creativity

solo exhibition Oct 1st 2010

Next solo exhibition Oct 1st 2010

Preview Friday 1st October 2010 @ Duchy square centre for creativity


Beau & Calfpint

Beau & Calfpint at Homeyards botanic gardens, Shaldon

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Food Dreckly , Tavistock

“Undoubtedly the best food in Tavi”

A selection of my work will be at Food Dreckly throughout August 2010, www.fooddreckly.com

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Facing The Gulf.

Portraits of oil

Portrait painting workshops on oil hit Grand Isle Louisiana

email project leader Nancy Boulicault facingthegulf@gmail.com

Radio Interview Feb 2011


A stunning range of sculptured furniture

Methodist chapel

A stunning range of sculptured furniture will go display at a former Methodist chapel next week (Friday 3 December) following a unique ‘green’ collaboration between two West Devon artists.

Tree surgeon turned wood sculptor Mike Woolley from Walkhampton has created the exhibits using reclaimed wood from painter Nick Viney’s Leewood Estate near Yelverton, where her Green with NV Studio is based. Now they are to go display in an exhibition entitled ‘Out of the Woods’ at Calstock Arts, a Methodist chapel opened in 1910, which has been transformed into a contemporary community arts space by acclaimed architect Stephen Whettam. Alongside Mike’s sculptured furniture, which includes tables and sideboards fashioned from oak, beech and cypress, there will be paintings on show by Nick and fellow artist Tania Speaking, who is based in Lydford. Mike has spent the last year creating the furniture after sourcing most of his raw material during several visits to Nick’s family estate, which is home to some of the finest wooded areas on Dartmoor.

“Nick has a real passion for the environment and sustainable issues and always tries to incorporate as much recycled material into her artwork,” - Mike -

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’11 Sleepers’ on TRAIL - Teignmouth Seafront

The 11 Sleepers sculptures and The Gates of Hell have great sites at the Teignmouth

Botanical Garden Gateway to Hell Shaldon Teignmouth throughout August 2011

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Peter pops up

Peter wants YOU at Battersea Tonight and throughout August

Peter pops up at the opening night of ‘We’re gonna make you whole ‘ at Aquire Arts Battersea London 10th August 2011.  In all his monochromatic glory, Peter will be  ‘made whole ‘ by members of the audience, filling the gaps in the second of my ‘Peter painted by numbers ‘series for ‘Facing the Gulf, Portraits of Oil’ community painting projects.




Buckfast Abbey. Devon

Interplanetary Craft lands at Abbey

Until October 2012 my sculpture entitled ‘Interplanetary Craft ‘ can be seen in the beautiful grounds of Buckfast Abbey. As part of Dartmouth Contemporary Arts exhibition ‘ Natures Sculptors’. A fabulous location with sculptures from artists all over the UK. Drop in for a free stroll around the grounds if you are passing

Dartmouth Contemporary Arts


Harvesting Time

See Horse Power Tamar Valley Centre

My latest up-cycled creation hangs at the Tamar Valley Centre until the end of October . A thoughtfully presented  mixed show by ten Drawn to the Valley Artists,  will lots of Leewood influences , yay!



Dark Knight

Apples iArtbook

Dark Knight chosen to appear in Apples iArtbook ‘101 Artworks featuring the Animal Kingdom



Apples iArtbook

‘Tremor’ chosen for Apples iArtbook ‘ ABSTRACT & NON-FIGURATIVE ARTWORKS


The Witches Knickers

Series 2015 flapping on into 2016

Drowning Witches down in the Walkham at present coming to a gallery space somewhere soon