Land Artist

Reimagining Landscapes, Restoring Nature, Reinventing & Diversifying Spaces, Regenerative Thinking, Blending Art & Agriculture for over 30 years, Building soil, Growing Hope

I am an Artist blending Art, Agriculture & Nature recovery.
I believe land 'ownership' is a gift and a responsibility.
I've spent almost two decades in veterinary field, almost two more as a Dartmoor Range Clearer. 
I have a unique overview on agriculture and the opportunities that are before us.
I am passionate about shifting Dartmoor toward a more abundant, thriving landscape.
I champion Nature friendly farming practice and believe that they are the key to building healthy, resilient communities.
I want to help enable farmers to become the heroes in the biodiversity crisis & climate change emergency.
I am blurring the lines between Rewilding & Regenerative Agriculture because I believe that there is space for all.
I am freestyle/AMP grazing my livestock for improved biodiversity, animal health, soil health and trees and help others to do the same.
I support landowners towards Nature recovery, supporting them through creative solutions for regenerative results.
I believe in NE Landscape Recovery as a mechanism for change.
I Co-design ambitious projects with progressive land owners to deliver robust, nutrient dense food and fibre systems and short resilient chains.
I am trained in Permaculture Design and Holistic Management
I am Co owner at at Leewood Agroforestry.
I am Co owner at Leewood Glamping. Secluded, luxury, nature rich stays with private wild swimming.
I am founder of Part Time Pig - Pigs in Space Artist and pigs will travel.
I undertake Art Commissions and Public Engagement pieces in an environmental vein.
I am available for Nature Recovery Film work as a Presenter & Advisor.
I am an elected Councillor onto West Devon Borough Council where I am actively looking for Nature based solutions to save tax payers money.
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